How to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

How to save money on homeschool curriculumThere are many expensive homeschooling curricula available. However, research shows that homeschool achievement is not dependent on how much or little is spent on curriculum. Here are some steps to teach you how to save money on homeschool curriculum.

  1. Set a budget of how much you want to spend on materials and resolve to stick to it.
  2. Make a list of homeschooling essentials. Be sure to accurately distinguish between a “need” versus a “want”.
  3. Find out which resources are available at your local library, and which can be obtained through inter library loan.
  4. Look for used books and supplies at thrift stores, used book stores, garage sales, and online providers.
  5. Purchase new materials from discount suppliers.
  6. Purchase new materials at a homeschool curriculum fair in order to receive a show discount or save money on shipping.
  7. Search the internet for free homeschooling materials such as games, printable worksheets, and flashcards.
  8. Buy one science, history, art, music and Bible curriculum to use with multiple ages, instead of buying a separate program for each child in the family.
  9. Buy reusable materials that you can hand down to younger children, instead of consumable workbooks.
  10. Share the cost of curriculum with another homeschool family. Meet once a week for activities such as music lessons and science experiments.
  11. Ask for the Teacher’s Discount. Stores, museums, events, and even amusement parks offer deep discounts for teachers. You can also search for Homeschool Days for additional savings. Companies may ask for a teacher’s I.D. Most support groups give you one of these as a membership card when you join.


  • Homeschooling parents qualify for teacher’s discounts, so make sure to ask stores if they have a discount program.
  • Save on field trips by attending with a group, or going on half price or discount admission days.
  • Look for free field trip opportunities at public locations like police stations, fire stations and libraries.
  • Some new computer-based curriculum can be installed for up to 5 children regardless of whether they are in the same family. You may be able to share the cost of one with other people who are home schooled.

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