How to List Used Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Trader makes it very easy to list your used homeschool curriculum in front of thousands of potential buyers, but first, you must be a registered user.

Once registered, you are now ready learn how to list your first ad. Take some time to read the following suggestions designed to assist you in listing and selling your used homeschool curriculum quickly!

Valuable Beginner Tips!

Enter the ISBN into Google, Amazon, or Christian Book Distributor. Then copy and paste the ad copy into a text document and right click on the image and save to your desktop. You can use this copy in the body description (as well as adding any additional copy) and the image will be of better quality than what you will get with a camera.

Choose a Category

It is very important to choose the most appropriate category for your listing. You can only choose one. However, there are additional fields later on that will allow you to add more information to help customers search for your product.


 Ad Title

Include the complete title in the listing and include the subtitle if you have room.

City and State

This field helps build community within the site and lets potential buyers know from where the product will be shipping.

Item Price

Include the total price of the item, but do not include a dollar sign ($). The system will include it automatically.

Ad Details

Here’s your chance – in 750 characters or less – to describe your product. Also, there is no need to repeat the title. Simply describe your item. As mentioned above, search for the ISBN in Google, Amazon, and Christian Book Distributor. There may already be copy out there that you can use. Be sure to note the condition of the resource and any other pertinent information.

Product ISBN-13

Most products have a 13 digit ISBN located on the back cover or on the inside title page. If so, include it. Do not include any dashes, just the ISBN numbers.

Choose Grade Level

Choose the appropriate grade level(s) for the resource.


Indicate how your will ship the product and the approximate cost if you know. You might also mention that you will combine shipping on multiple items purchased.

Terms of Service

If you agree to the terms of service, just click the checkbox.

Choose an Image

Although it is not required, including a visual will help sell your resource. It’s also very easy. You can upload your own image or search for the ISBN in Google, Amazon, or Christian Book Distributor. Then right click on the image and save to your desktop for easy access for when you need to upload it.


That’s all there is to it! Once you place your ad, it is immediately live in the system.

Manage Listings

To manage your listings click on Account in the menu options, and then choose My Listings.


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