Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Homeschool

What is Homeschool Trader?

Homeschool Trader is an online marketplace for buying and selling used homeschool books, curriculum, and other teaching resources.

What does it cost to list ads?

It’s free! Create your account today!

How do I manage my listings?

Homeschool Trader has a built in Ad Management system that allows you to add, edit, or delete listings at any time. After signing in, simply click on Account > My Listings in the menu options.

What should I say in my ad?

Homeschool Trader makes it very easy to list your used homeschool resources in front of thousands of potential buyers. However, it’s up to you to accurately describe your resource with enough information to help a potential buyer make a decision. Images are also very important to help sell your product. Learn more about listing resources on Homeschool Trader.

How do I actually sell an item?

When your ad appears in searches, potential buyers will contact you through the Homeschool Trader contact system with questions or with offers to buy your resource. You will receive an email in your inbox from Homeschool Trader with the potential buyer’s question and contact information. You can then respond to them directly.

How do I promote my products?

Although Homeschool Trader provides an open marketplace, we strongly encourage you to email your listing to local homeschool coops, groups, and other homeschool organizations in your area. In addition, you can post it on Facebook by using the Facebook share buttons below each ad.

How do I collect money from a buyer?

Homeschool Trader is not involved in any part of the payment transaction process. We simply provide the marketplace to showcase your items and connect buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is up to the buyer and seller to work out the details of the transaction arrangement. That includes any additional shipping fees. There are several options, but the most common method is to send a PayPal Invoice. Learn more about PayPal and sending Paypal invoices here.

How do I ship and complete my order?

Once the payment process is complete, it is up to the seller to ship the product to the buyer based on the agreed upon terms. As the seller, you should then remove the resource from your listings.

I can’t sign into my account

If you don’t remember your username and email address or if you’re unable to sign in to your account, you may need to reset your password. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us. Please include your full name and any other identifying information to help us locate your account, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Once you’ve been able to access your account, you can find your username and email address information by going to Account > Profile.

Where is my confirmation email?

First, check your junk mail or spam folder. Our confirmation email may have ended up there. To prevent our emails from being filtered out, add to your address book or safe list.

How do I search for an item on Homeschool Trader?

You can use the categories on the Home page for a broad search or click the Search button in the right column for a more advanced search.

Can I trade items with other sellers?

Trading or bartering is the act of exchanging goods for goods (instead of goods for money). Homeschool Trader doesn’t endorse trading or bartering, but we also do not prohibit it. In theory, it is just an alternative method of payment.

Homeschool Trader does not have any formal rules for trading in our marketplace, but we do have some basic guidelines to help you stay within Homeschool Trader’s policies:

  • Understand there are additional risks for the sellers involved in the trade. Since neither seller can wait to receive payment before shipping the item, there is an increased risk of non-payment and non-delivery. Homeschool Trader will not mediate a dispute that arises due to a trade. If both sellers are willing to accept the inherent risks, then we wish you happy trading.
  • Both sellers need to agree to the trade by conversation, email, or other communication before the transactions occur, so there is no confusion about the method of payment.
  • No seller is obligated to participate in trading, and each seller determines his own acceptable payment methods. If you receive a trade request and you are not interested, you’re welcome to politely decline the offer.

If as a seller, you are open to trade offers with other sellers, you may wish to put this in your Ad Description.

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