6 Tips to Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum

6 Tips to Finding Used Homeschool CurriculumWhen it comes to teaching your children, you want them to have the best and the most updated knowledge around. This doesn’t change when you move from traditional education to a homeschooled education.

Here is a step-by-step process that can help you to find the best homeschool curriculum that will work for you and your child. The Decision to Homeschool It’s not a decision that many parents take lightly. For whatever reason, there is a need to make a change.

One thing that all parents need to know is that where once everything was done for you by the school system, you are now the system. That means more details that need to be taken care of besides just teaching. \

So, if you are ready for the challenge of homeschooling your children, here are 6 Tips to Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum to make the process a bit more manageable. First, note that the earlier you can begin this process in advance of the coming school year, the better.

6 Tips to Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Length of time homeschooling

    How long will you be homeschooling your children? If this is a temporary situation because you are traveling or because your child needs to stay home, that may influence the type of curriculum you choose. The same goes if you want to make homeschooling a permanent choice for your children through high school. Always check to see if there are any legal issues that need to be handled regarding your choice to homeschool.

  2. Faith and school

    Many homeschooling parents do so because they want to include their faith in their child’s education. While there are plenty of homeschool curricula that are told from a secular point of view, there are just as many that are developed for Christian homeschooling families. Determine how much of a role you want your faith to play.

  3. What are your educational beliefs?

    Decide how your homeschool classroom will be run? Will you teach your kids? Would you like to have total control over their learning environment or do you want support from a professional educator?

  4. How does your child learn best?

    This is one factor that will determine a lot. If you child is a more visual learner, choosing textbooks with no pictures won’t provide what you need. On the other hand, an online program that includes lots of visual activities might peak their interest more.

  5. Sample a variety of homeschool programs

    Many programs allow you to try a sample for free. Use this to see what they offer before you buy. Look at complete curricula and also single subject ones.

  6. Choose a curriculum

    Note that you don’t have to buy all of your materials from one company. You can mix and match with subjects and electives as you see fit. Eclectic homeschooling has advantages including accommodating students with different learning styles.


Education is important. As a homeschooling parent, your choices are not set in stone. If something is not working, adapt it or choose another material for your child. I hope these 6 Tips to Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum will benefit you and your child as you search for the best curriculum to meet your needs. By Carol Henderson

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